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Storm Front
by Jim Butcher

Intriguing beginning to an urban fantasy series!! It follows a wizard detective named Harry Dresden who is attempting to solve a murder caused through magic! The result is an entertaining romp through Chicago as he works against the clock to stop the next murders from occuring

I Love My Air Fryer Low Carb Cookbook
by Michelle Fagone

Needed some received to learn how to use my air fryer

Every Last Secret
by A.R. Torret

Cat Winthrope seemingly has it all — the perfect husband, William, the gorgeous home, the social standing among the who’s who of their California community. Enter Neena, the life coach who can help put William’s company over the top. But Neena is harboring deep-seated jealousy of everything Cat has — and Neena is willing to do whatever it takes to set herself as the next Mrs. Winthrope. Filled with dark, duplicitous characters, A.R. Torre’s Every Secret Thing will have you questioning your allegiances and changing “sides” in the ongoing struggle between Cat and Neena throughout the course of the book. Neena and her husband, Matt, buy the house next door to Wiliam and Cat, insinuating themselves in the lives of the Winthrope’s at every opportunity — both professionally and personally. But neither side knows the other is playing a long game, leading to a suspenseful, “I can’t believe she’s doing this” final third of the novel. Be warned that once you get past a certain point, odds are you won’t be able to stop turning the pages in order to see what happens or develops next. Part of that hook is Torre’s telling the story from the alternating viewpoint of Neena and Cat. Seeing how each views the other and the mounting frustration and conflict between the two makes for a rich, rewarding payoff in the final pages. The final third of the novel is rich with melodrama – but it’s all earned by some Torre’s laying a solid foundation for it early in the story. As I said earlier, don’t be shocked to find your allegiances changing — or that you’ll at least understand what motivates each side in the ever-escalating conflict. There is a final twist or two that had me raising an eyebrow a bit, but at that point, I’d just decided to go with the crazy and enjoy what was unfolding.

Too Much And Never Enough
by Mary Trump Too Much And Never Enough

This was a LOT of rambling (about chair color or whatever) that wasn't really important to the story. It seemed like padding. However the information about growing up and the money trail was informative.

Hidden Creed
by Alex Kava

Great book! Ready for the next in the series!

28 Summers Elin Hilderbrand
by Erin Hildebrand

Always enjoy books by this author

Lost World
by Michael Crichton

The appeal of Michel Crichtons first book in the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic Park, apart from dinosaurs, was the idea that you can safely observe dangerous predators in a controlled environment. However, nature is unpredictable. There is no accident the Crichton placed his books in the wild jungles of Costa Rica and often in rainstorms. If Jurassic Park was about control. The lost world is about Chaos. The lost world tackles the theory of evolution and the mystery of extinction again using dinosaurs as the control. Lost world the book is nothing like the movie. The book is dialogue driven but the dialogue tackles interesting ideals that are turned into hypotheses and proven or disproven by the observance of dinosaurs. I liked more characters in this one. Sarah Harding was my favorite. Unlike in the movie, Book Sarah was African American. My least favorite and most annoying character goes to, Richard Levine. Unlike the movie, I was not disappointed in this sequel.

Fair Warning
by Michael Connelly

Awesome read. DNA collection and research has become a multimillion dollar business. What happens if this data gets into the hands of criminals? This book gives the reader a lot of food for thought as Author Connelly explores this subject.

House Of Hades
by Rick riordan

It was a pretty good book.

Nypd Red 6
by James Patterson

Good book with lots of interesting turns!
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